Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne

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9 Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne

If you are looking for the most effective and reliable acne facial masks, there are a few different options to choose from. Skin care experts suggest using organic products for facial skin care as they are safer for your skin and do not have any side effects. Organic products also help the skin to be able to rejuvenate faster and eliminate bacteria that could cause pimples or breakouts. Here is a list of the best masks for pores and acne.

The Zenmed ZenMoution Masks for Acne is an excellent cleanser that is perfect for all over the face use. It has Zenmed’s age defying components such as Babassu palm wax that can nourish and protect your skin. Babassu wax is a natural emollient that softens and smooths your skin while reducing the chances of irritation. It also heals and treats acne and has a natural ability to restore normal skin function. ZenMoution Masks for Acne is a great way to achieve flawless, healthy skin.

The Revitol Infaclear Master Cleanse is one of the best products for treating acne. It includes ingredients such as Babassu, Avocado Oil and Maracuja passion fruit extract. All of these ingredients work in synergy to treat your skin gently without irritating it like other products. If you are looking for the best face mask for acne then this is the product to choose.

The Neutrogena All Natural Healthy Skin Gel Lotion is an excellent cleanser that works perfectly on all types of skin. It has Vitamin E that helps to rejuvenate your skin. Vitamin E replenishes nutrients that may have been depleted due to dryness or environmental factors. The soothing properties of this gel helps to reduce redness and inflammation in your skin. If you want the best face mask for acne then the Neutrogena All Natural Healthy Skin Gel Lotion is certainly the best option.

The Phytessence Wakame is a powerful antioxidant that works in two ways. First it works to protect your skin from further damage. Second it works to encourage the production of hyaluronic acid in your skin. This allows your skin to retain moisture more effectively. The Phytessence Wakame best face mask for acne works effectively to combat the harmful effects of adult acne.

The DMAE Alpha Lipoic C Ester moisturizing ingredient is known to be the most effective moisturizer for adult skin. The ability of this ingredient to deeply hydrate the skin helps to make skin smoother and more resilient to acne breakouts. The DMAE also increases skin’s collagen levels, which makes the skin healthier.

The Erythrulose Honey in the best face mask for acne helps to reduce sebum buildup. This is an excessive amount of sebum produced by your sebaceous glands. Sebum is a natural oil produced by your body to keep your skin lubricated. When you have too much sebum in your skin, it can create clogged pores that lead to acne breakouts. Erythrulose Honey contains high amounts of antioxidants such as Vitamin A and B6, which are proven to fight off the free radicals that can cause harm to your skin.

This is a quick guide to some of the best face masks for acne that are available today. There are many different methods for treating and preventing acne but there is only one product that will rid your skin of acne forever. You should try any of these at least once if you are serious about having clear skin. You don’t have to put up with acne and you don’t have to suffer from unwanted side effects.

Using clay based body washes or mud masks is very beneficial to your skin. Mud packs are able to penetrate deep into your skin and work quickly. They are able to remove dirt, dead skin cells and oil without drying your skin out. Body washes containing clay help to improve the blood flow to your skin, which can prevent acne. The best face mask for acne will contain clay as an ingredient in the form of clay body wash or mud mask.

Another great facial mask for acne is using cucumber. Cucumbers contain high levels of potassium, sodium, vitamins and minerals. This improves the elasticity of your skin and reduces wrinkles. Cucumbers also provide plenty of moisture to your skin. Any mask with cucumber or sea cucumber extract is good for your skin. Any type of fruit such as pineapple or papaya is also beneficial to use on your face.

The last step in any effective face mask for acne is the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants work by destroying free radicals, which can result in premature aging and other visible signs of aging. Free radicals are by-products of human activity which are responsible for damage to cells and damage to DNA. Antioxidants reduce the amount of free radicals that enter the body and repair damaged tissue. A popular antioxidant is Vitamins A, C and E.

Top 9 Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne Reviews in 2021

The Top 9 Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne Reviews in 2021 is the perfect way to combat unwanted pores, excess oil and bacteria. Unfortunately, most of the acne treatment products on the market don’t really do anything to help your skin. They offer you a temporary fix but do little more to help you cure acne. You need a product that will truly work for your skin and allow you to get rid of pimples once and for all.

I have been using some of the popular brands in the market for some time now and they have done nothing to my skin. I was quite desperate to find out how to finally solve my skin problem and pore problem. I tried just about every product under the sun and they all failed to give me any positive results. It was then when I decided to use a natural pore tightening cream.

Natural ingredients like kaolin, plant extracts and emollients like sheep wool extract are known to tighten the skin naturally. kaolin absorbs oil from the pores effectively and keeps them below the skin surface. This will help to prevent blackheads and whiteheads from forming any further.

Kaolin also helps to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells so that it is moisturized. Without proper skin care, your pores can become clogged which lead to blackheads and pimples. This is exactly what you want to avoid. The natural Kaolin moisturizing cream will do an excellent job at keeping your skin free from excess oil and dirt while keeping your pores unclogged.

Plant extract like lavender and Aloe Vera are known for their amazing healing and soothing abilities. They can repair damage done by free radicals, moisturize dry skin and prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. Their essential oils have been used for centuries as skin tightening agents so they have great benefits when it comes to pore tightening. Try a bottle of Aloe Vera gel or lavender liquid for deep cleansing and a nourishing feel.

The best face mask for pore tightening contains Functional Keratin, a kind of keratin protein that has been scientifically proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The increased amount of these tissues will make your skin become more firm, elastic and youthful. Functional Keratin also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by promoting collagen renewal and increasing the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in your skin.

The last ingredient, I want to discuss is Phytessence Wakame Japanese sea kelp extract. This ingredient is full of nutrients that you need to repair damaged skin tissues and promote collagen growth. Recent studies show that Phytessence Wakame helps to reduce wrinkles by inhibiting the behavior of an enzyme that causes skin cells to break down. Phytessence Wakame extracts also provide vitamin D3 and vitamin E, which are very important for skin health. If you want to get the best results possible from a pore tightening cream, then you should look for one with these ingredients.

In conclusion, if you want to look younger, have firmer skin and have smaller pores, then the products you are using on your skin should contain the right ingredients. The ones I have mentioned here, are all plant based, which means they will not cause any harm to your skin in any way. You should now understand why so many people have problems with their skin. If you use a product with these ingredients, then your skin will definitely thank you!

Top 9 best face masks for pore tightening are natural, safe and effective. I hope that this will be a lesson for you to be able to choose safer, more effective products to put on your skin. Unfortunately, there are still too many products out there that are not only ineffective, but can also cause harm to your skin. In order to avoid this, make sure that you always read the labels and make sure that the products you are considering are actually natural.

The next thing that you should be concerned about is whether or not the product will help your pores. If it is made of clay or kaolin, it will not do much to help your pores. These compounds are insoluble and are clogging your pores until you take action. Instead, you need something that will unclog your pores until you can remove them.

In order to do this, you need something called an exfoliant. An exfoliant will remove dead skin cells and allow new skin to grow. The new skin will fill up your pore in the process and your pores will become less noticeable until they finally close. This is done through a gentle scraping action. Once the scraping has been done, the excess skin and dead skin cells will be removed and your pores will be clean and you will no longer have to worry about any acne. If you continue with the routine every day, you will be able to use pore tightening creams without worrying about any more acne outbreaks.

1. Proactiv Amazonian Clay Mask

A luxuriously creamy, natural clay mask that is designed to unclog pores and leave your face feeling incredibly clean, nourished, and hydrated after application. Natural clays such as bentonite and kaolin were taken into consideration when developing the proprietary Amazonian clay and minerals mixture that was utilized to create the clay mineral. Clay masks (such as those produced from Amazonian clay) draw dirt, oil, and pore-clogging impurities out of the skin by grasping onto them and shoving them away. This aids in the clearing of pores by washing out dead skin cells. This product is a moisturising and nutrient-dense mask that is packed in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also contains moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil, and virgin cucumber oil to keep skin looking healthy. Using this formula, you may make your skin look and feel smooth, soft, and lively.


2. Bioelements Collagen Rehab Facial Mask

Using a smart combination of collagen-supporting amino acids, as well as moisturising mango and skin softeners, this product helps to regenerate aged, fatigued, and lined skin. It helps to keep the skin’s suppleness. In addition, a perceptible moisture barrier is formed, which increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture for up to 72 hours after application. The appearance of wrinkles improves, and the skin seems instantly revitalized, dewy, and firmer. Alternatively, this therapy can be applied to the lips as an intensive overnight treatment.

These products are designed for licensed estheticians who rely on them for noticeable results in the treatment room and who recommend them to clients who wish to maintain and enhance the results they achieve in the treatment room. Clinically-strength products are not intended for the general public.


3. Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes Gentle and Effective Makeup Remover Exfoliating Free from color and dye

Simple skin cleansers that are gentle on the skin gently lift dead skin cells to provide your skin with a restorative and revitalising cleaning, while also being gentle on the environment. We begin with the purest ingredients possible in order to ensure a clean, healthy skin foundation. It contains vitamin B5, vitamin E, and aloe vera, and we end with our Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturising and nourishing formula, which leaves the skin feeling particularly smooth and clear after use. Simple’s Exfoliating Cleansing Wipes effectively remove dirt and makeup while also clearing away dead skin cells that can cause breakouts. They remove dirt, grease, impurities, and makeup — including waterproof mascara — while also hydrating and nourishing skin, making them an excellent choice for oily or combination skin. The recipe we use is free of colours, artificial smells, and harsh chemicals that could cause skin irritation or clogged pores, which is why it is an excellent face wipe for people with sensitive skin. Developed in collaboration with dermatologists and doctors, the facial wipes are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and free of preservatives. Applying gentle pressure to your face and neck, with the exfoliating side of the pad avoiding the delicate eye area, will yield the best results. Use a moist washcloth to clean your face, neck, and eyes, then move the cloth in a circular motion over the regions to be cleaned. Make sure to reseal the wipes pouch after each use in order to keep the moisture content of the wipes as high as possible. Used wipes should be disposed of in a trash can or other waste receptacle once they have been used, since they should not be flushed down the toilet by the user. We are committed to ensuring a clean environment in the future. We want to reduce the amount of contaminants found in our environment and in our products as much as possible, while also increasing the efficacy of all of our skincare products. To accomplish this, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to create effective and healthy goods that benefit both the skin and the environment. We are firm believers in the importance of trying to make the environment a better place. It is as a result of this that Simple has been certified cruelty-free by PETA, which means that we do not do any animal testing anywhere on the planet.


4. iS CLINICAL Cleansing Complex

A cleaning face cleanser that is extraordinarily mild while also being quite effective for people of all ages, genders, and skin types. This one-of-a-kind formulation is gentle enough to fully wash fragile skin while still being powerful enough to remove eye makeup completely and effectively. Because it includes willow bark extract, which both dissolves and exfoliates pore-clogging oil, white willow bark helps to improve cellular turnover while also tightening the appearance of pores on the skin. Antioxidants included in Chamomile and Centella Asiatica, according to research, can help to heal and soothe the skin’s surface. Because of its lightweight gel composition, it is both visually appealing and invigorating; it is the type of skin care product that aficionados of fine skin care seek out. Start your day by putting a small amount on your face in the morning and at night. Additionally, this product can be used as a face mask for 2–3 minutes and then rinsed.

Innovative Skincare is committed to the development of empirically verified skincare products that have a positive influence on the physical and mental well-being of individuals all over the world.


5. New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

As a result, it is a fantastic reference for the finest Christmas gift options because it can be utilized by a wide range of skin types such as dry, normal, oily, mixed, sensitive, irritated, and sensitive-normal. This daily acne treatment has been designed to be highly effective while still being gentle enough to be used on a regular basis. It is an ideal gift for the forthcoming holiday season in 2020, which is fast approaching.
This Clarifying Mud Mask contains a revolutionary composition that is based on a combination of Dead Sea mineral mud and strong minerals that are designed to cleanse blocked pores. It is composed of Aloe Vera, Calendula Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed, and Jojoba Oil, all of which are included in the combination of ingredients.
PURE Using DEAD SEA MUD, a naturally occurring type of mud, you can properly wash your skin while also having a pleasurable experience. Given its high mineral content, pure mud is a superb skin rejuvenation tool, making it more effective at removing excess oil, toxins, and dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter, and more radiant complexion than ordinary mud.
Our high-quality Mud Treatment works to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and pollutants from the skin, revealing newly moisturised skin. This helps to reduce pore size and aids in the elimination of excess oil. Mud treatments have also been shown to increase blood microcirculation, and texture refinement is frequently performed in conjunction with mud treatments to provide the best results.
In order to manufacture our Dead Sea Facial Mask, we only employ the best quality components. The product does not include any alcohol, parabens, or sulfates, and as a result, it is completely cruelty-free.


6. Natural Clear Acne Treatment Mask by Nature’s Skin and Body

This acne foaming cream cleanser contains Benzoyl Peroxide, which is known for its ability to efficiently clear acne while also assisting in the prevention of further breakouts. This daily acne face wash is designed to cleanse the skin, treat active outbreaks, and maintain the skin’s natural barrier against the elements. The distinctive composition has a shifting texture that is administered as a cream but immediately turns into a thick froth when exposed to air.

Formula that is free of fragrance, free of parabens, and non-comedogenic is available.


7. Acne Free Sulfur Mask

In order to achieve clearer-looking skin, you should use Neutrogena fast clear obstinate acne face cleanser. More than a dozen scientific studies have demonstrated that using this daily acne-fighting face cleanser can significantly reduce the size and redness of resistant acne in as little as one day. The benzoyl peroxide concentration in this maximum strength solution is 10 percent, which is the prescription level utilized by dermatologists for clearer skin, whether or not the patient has a prescription. Benzoyl peroxide effectively heals and cleanses the skin, aiding in the treatment of acne and the prevention of future breakouts. After a few weeks of using Neutrogena rapid clear acne face cleanser, you may see a difference in the clarity and health of your skin. In addition to being an effective acne treatment face wash for use as part of a regular skin care routine, this face wash is also good for cleansing the skin in the morning and at night.


8. Blackhead Remover Mask Kit, Charcoal Peel Off Facial Mask

With a concentration of 10% glycolic acid, Glycolic Acid Face Wash is ideal for men, women, and teenagers who suffer from cystic acne, blackheads, ageing skin, or dull skin. As an alternative to the harsh salicylic acid, our natural face cleanser accomplishes the following tasks: It contains all-natural components that assist to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, and it may also be used as a toner to polish away surface oils from your skin.
Micro-plastic beads are used in this application. Revitalize Dull Skin with These Tips: Our face exfoliator is made up of tiny, soft microbeads that gently slough away dead skin cells to reveal a healthy-looking complexion. The glycolic acid peel, in the meantime, effectively eliminates make-up, oils, and debris from the skin without causing it to become overly dry.
This lotion can be used to smooth out fine lines and plump up wrinkles. When you use our AHA exfoliant, you’ll be amazed at the noticeable results you get. It penetrates deep into the skin to exfoliate and brighten the skin while also reducing sun damage and improving skin texture, and it’s easy to see results right away. However, while the usage of glycolic acid as an exfoliator has antioxidant effects, it is not a natural antioxidant and will cause skin irritation when used topically.
When using this face wash, you will notice a significant reduction in hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It is created with components such as bamboo, shea butter, and tea tree extract, which assist to deep cleanse the skin while also reducing hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and any redness or discoloration that may occur.
Recognize and accept our straightforward formula: It is cruelty-free, free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and made entirely of natural ingredients in the United States, making it suited for the skin of individuals who suffer from sensitive skin. When treating oily or acne-prone skin, apply four to five times a week to the affected area. This should be applied two to three times a week if you have normal, dry, or sensitive skin.


9. Proactiv Skin Purifying Acne Face Mask and Acne Spot Treatment

With the potential to rid your face of breakouts and aid in their recovery, this acne-fighting mask can help detoxify pores while also soothing irritation and reducing redness. It also helps decrease the appearance of pores and redness.
Even with all of the serums and moisturizers you have, your skin is still not receiving the nourishment it requires to function properly. This purifying mask is rich with antioxidants that will help to restore and refine the appearance of your skin.
It is non-allergenic and will not irritate the skin in any way. This face mask is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, and combination skin, and it delivers the same effective skin treatment for both teenagers and adults. It is ideal for delicate skin because it is gentle and effective in treating skin issues. This product, whether used as an acne spot treatment or an all-over mask, works to prevent and eradicate blemishes while also assisting in the prevention of new outbreaks.
It is your power tool that will be your emergency break-out weapon! In conjunction with a spot treatment or an all-over treatment, this effective deep-cleansing mask minimizes the appearance of pores and accelerates the healing of pimples.


Factors To Look For Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne.

There are a number of factors to look for in selecting the best face mask for acne and pore clearing. If you have ever suffered from severe or moderate acne, then you know how difficult it can be to get rid of acne. Not only does it cause physical pain but it can also have an emotional toll on the sufferer as well. Acne not only effects your appearance, but it also greatly affects your self-esteem, your mood, and even your sense of confidence.

There are many different brands of acne treatment products available on the market. Many of these brands promise you fast results, but do they really deliver? These products typically contain harsh chemicals, which further aggravate your already problematic skin condition. These harsh chemicals can cause serious side effects that not only ruin your skin, but can also lead to permanent skin damage. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and treat acne at home, which can be just as effective as expensive topical solutions.

One of the most important factors to look for when selecting the best face mask for acne is that it contains natural ingredients. This does not mean that the product must be completely organic. All it means is that it should contain ingredients that are derived from plants or other natural sources, which have been proven to be safe for human consumption.

The most popular types of natural ingredients include: aloe Vera, fresh ginger, lemon juice, honey, rosewater, and tea tree oil. Aloe Vera is one of the most effective moisturizers, as well as having anti-bacterial properties. Ginger is another powerful facial cleanser, as well as a natural bleaching agent. Lemon juice is a natural emollient and skin friendly antioxidant. Honey has long been known for its healing and soothing abilities. Rosewater and tea tree oil are excellent natural antibacterial agents, as well as a natural preservative.

In addition to the safety of the ingredients listed above, the best face mask for acne will also contain an anti-inflammatory agent. Some products that are designed for use during the summer months can actually cause redness, particularly if they are oily or contain heavy moisturizers. The anti-inflammatory ingredients will help to relieve this inflammation, as well as sooth and protect the skin. This is why using an acne mask during the summer months is such a good idea.

Along with the safety of the ingredients above, you will also want to choose a face mask that offers excellent protection against environmental aggressors. While products made with natural ingredients tend to last longer, the best products have been produced using chemical agents that outlast the shelf life of many other skin care products. Chemicals commonly used in products to fight off environmental aggressors can cause skin irritation, especially if they are present in high concentrations. These products also have a tendency to clog pores if they are used on a regular basis. Chemical compounds that prevent the buildup of dirt and oil also make the skin more resistant to bacterial growth, leaving it cleaner and more resistant to pimples and blemishes.

The final factors to look for in the best face mask for acne are price and convenience. While you may be tempted to purchase one that costs several dollars more than you would pay at the drugstore, you should be wary of buying from an unprofessional seller. In particular, check the expiry date on all of your purchases. If the date on the bottle of face mask changes, you should make sure you buy a new one to avoid wasting money.

Finally, you should find a face mask that works well with your daily skin care routine. Don’t use a face mask that will only relieve your acne symptoms; instead, use it as part of an overall strategy to clear up your skin. Choose a regimen that includes exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing. A multi-step approach will have you looking and feeling younger in no time. If you take the time to select the best face mask for acne, you will be able to reduce the redness and swelling associated with pimples and keep your skin looking its best.

FAQs on Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne?

FAQs on Best Face Mask For Pores And Acne? How’s your skin lately? Do you have pore-clogging pimples that make you self-conscious of not being able to keep your clothes clean and fresh-looking long enough? Are you tired of over-the-counter acne treatments that promise but deliver little? Does your face sweat a lot when you try to scrub it? If you’re suffering from any of these, reading this article will give you hope.

Facial masks have been used for hundreds of years to treat several different skin conditions. The earliest masks were created to eliminate bacteria, keeping pores clean and appearing healthy and fresh. Today, many of the same effective ingredients have been incorporated into many different masks and made into effective products that effectively clear pimples and reduce sebum. Below are some of the best facial masks for pore problems and acne.

Acnezine is one of the best face masks for unclogging pores and fighting blackhead zits. It contains an innovative ingredient called Zinc PCA, which acts like a skin cleanser while preventing blockages in pores and fighting the bacteria that causes acne. In addition, it has active manuka honey that soothes and nourishes your skin.

Another ingredient to look for in a pore-clogging product is Manuka Honey. This natural ingredient is antibacterial, effective at eliminating bacteria and soothing irritation. It also increases skin elasticity and collagen content, which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, Manuka honey is often used in anti-aging creams because it stimulates skin cell production and reduces wrinkling and fine lines.

Another great ingredient to look for in a mask is Phytessence Wakame. This sea kelp extract keeps the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels high and tightens up collagen fibers. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping collagen moist, plump, and looking firm. Without enough of it, the skin breaks easily, creating dull, flaky, and wrinkly skin.

The best face mask for pore-clogging should contain an antibacterial ingredient like Benzoyl Peroxide. This ingredient kills the bacteria that cause acne but does not irritate the skin, making it a great all-natural alternative for people with sensitive skin. In fact, benzoyl peroxide is mild enough to use every day. You just need to apply a small dab on your pimples and let it stand for a few minutes before washing off.

Another great ingredient is Kaolin. This clay extract softens and exfoliates the skin, without drying it out like other ingredients do. This allows the skin to naturally shed dead skin cells, which helps remove old, oil-producing oils like the ones found in oily skin. Kaolin also leaves your skin feeling nourished and glowing.

What are some good, effective ingredients to look for in a mask? Try using a clay mask, which will remove the trapped dirt and grime from your skin, leaving your pores unclogged and your skin radiant. If you’re looking for something with an anti-aging effect, look for one with antioxidants like Vitamin A or vitamin C. Nutrients like zinc and Coenzyme Q10 work wonders on your face, making it less susceptible to aging signs. There are many other healthy, beneficial ingredients that all work together to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. Any good mask should include them.

So, now you know what a mask should do, but how can you find the best one? The best masks for your skin may be the ones that are specially designed for your face, removing all the harmful pores and chemicals from your skin and protecting it from future dirt and grime. If you have an open face, or you use a soap-free cleanser, then this is the kind of mask for you.

If you have a lot of blackhead problems, or your skin is reacting to over-exposure to the sun, then you need a more intensive kind of mask. In this case, look for an active ingredient such as Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. These ingredients penetrate deep into your skin and cleanse, moisturize, and protect in one effort.

Finally, don’t forget to read the label of ingredients. If you see “stearyl”, don’t buy it. It’s actually a byproduct of petroleum. Other ingredients you should avoid including fragrances, alcohols, and parabens. If you don’t like a particular mask and you think it’s bad for you, then look for another brand. There are plenty of natural masks out there, many of which work just as well as the gimmicky ones.

1. Which face masks are best for acne?

Oily and acne-prone skin types will benefit from the multi-tasking, clinically-strength acne-fighting capabilities of the Dr. Dennis Gross DRx Blemish Solutions Clarifying Mask, which contains colloidal sulphur as well as bentonite and kaolin clay ingredients to reduce the appearance of acne and inhibit the formation of future breakouts. Dr. Dennis Gross DRx Blemish Solutions Clarifying Mask is available in two sizes: small and large.

2. Should I use a face mask if I have acne?

When you have acne, it is not suggested that you use a facial mask. An exfoliating facial mask removes the topmost layer of dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface. It can also be used to tighten pores and give the skin a brighter appearance. As long as facial masks contain potentially irritating ingredients, they have the potential to cause outbreaks in persons with acne-prone complexions.

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