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Where being addicted to drugs and alcohol can destroy a person’s personal and professional life being mentally disturbed can shatter a person’s personality. Mental illness along with drug and alcohol addiction can destroy your life, forcing you to reach out to a drug addiction rehab in Florida. St. John’s Recovery Place delivers dual diagnosis treatment Florida services to patients suffering from a co-occurring disease. Where addiction can numb your mind, being mentally disturbed can make your life worse and the treatment even more challenging.

Overview Of Co-ocurring Disorder

Co-occurring disorder refers to the condition where two conditions co-exist which includes mental illness and substance abuse disorder. Substance abuse disorder and mental issues have similar symptoms and thus the conditions overlap one another, making the diagnosis quite impossible. Moreover, mentally disturbed people start relying on drugs and alcohol without realizing that the adverse effects they can cause.

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Florida dual diagnosis recovery centers may not provide you with an effective treatment to help you recover from mental disorders and substance abuse but we do understand the severity of co-occurring disorders before recommending any sort of treatment program. If you notice your loved one behaving strangely, showing instant mood swings, has developed negative emotions, and along with all these mentally disturbing issues is also consuming drugs, you are welcome to visit our drug and alcohol rehabilitation FL center.

How Do We Treat Dual Diagnosis?

Our center devises a well-researched and effective dual-diagnosis treatment program to help patients live healthy lives. Where our caring and compassionate staff is ready to give you the necessary support, our holistic approach to healing parallels with other luxury rehab centers in Florida.

1) Help You Feel Relaxed:

We believe that an environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable motivates you to achieve sobriety. The calm and peaceful natural sceneries surrounding our diagnostic center can improve your mood and help you in coping with substance use abuse while also infusing positive energy into your mindset.

2) Fight Detox:

Dual diagnosis treatment centers all over Florida, abolishing the need to consume comfort medicine during medical detox. The withdrawal symptoms caused by medical detox are the most difficult phase of recovery. But our treatment revolves around the idea of providing you with a mechanism allowing you to recover fully.

3) Residential Rehab Therapy:

With our help and your determination, once you have cleared the detox phase, we advise you to reside in our rehab centers to ensure your full recovery. We provide round-the-clock support and full medical care to all our patients. We offer cognitive-behavioral therapies, individual counseling, group therapies, and even workout a nutritional plan for restoring your health.

4) Unique Therapies To Keep You Entertained:

Besides, being a leading Florida drug treatment center, we have some unique and interesting ways of treating our patients. Along with an individual therapist, a part of your treatment plan is to enjoy the company of animals, dive into colors with art therapy, and make music a reason for your recovery.

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