Best Lush Products for Acne Scars 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Lush Products for Acne Scars 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The next worst thing to deal with after acne is acne scars because they are stubborn. If not treated properly with the right products, acne scars can cause further damage to the skin.

Lush products are known for being highly effective in treating acne scars. It is a brand that puts acne-prone skin issues to the center and has a whole range of products for that particular skin type.

If you are looking for the best lush products for acne scars, this is the right guide for you. You will also get to understand these products better after reading through them and will be able to make a more informed decision.

Top 10 Best Lush Products For Acne Scars 2021

1. Lush Vanishing Cream

Vanishing Cream

This cream is a soothing combination of witch hazel and lavender. It is suitable for oily and combination skin. It is a non-greasy formula that works to hydrate and nourishes the skin.

The ingredients include soothing rosewater that refreshes and tones up the skin, honey that locks in moisture in the skin for prolonged moisturization. It also comes with witch hazel that works as a fantastic gentle toner. It also contains grapeseed oil to soften the skin.

This cream is very light in texture and easy to apply on the skin. It applies smoothly over the skin and gets absorbed into the skin readily. As the name suggests, this cream will make your acne scars vanish. The process will take some time and regular usage of this cream, but you will most definitely see the results of using it over time.


2. Lush Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap

Fresh Farmacy

This product is an extra-gentle cleansing soap formulated especially for sensitive skin that is on the dry side. It contains calamine powder, balancing lavender oil, and tea oil. It soothes the skin while gently cleansing it.

It comes with chamomile extract that calms irritated skin, and rose and lavender work wonders for dry patches on the skin. The tea tree keeps the skin clear and clean. The calamine powder is also an absorbent and will absorb any excess oil from the skin.

The application is easy, it lathers well, and is easy to get off too. The only negative about this soap is that it has a slight fragrance to it, and it can cause the skin to react. However, it is safe to use on most skin types.


3. Lush Tea Tree Water Toner

Tea Tree Water

The tea tree water toner is combined with the best possible natural ingredients that effectively tighten the skin and repair it.

This toner, made with grapefruit, is known to enhance the complexion of the skin and juniper. It is suitable for oily and dull skin. This refreshing toner contains oil on the skin. It can leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowy. It also contains tea tree extracts that help cleanse and clarify the skin.

It is also affordable. It does not contain any alcohol and is safe to use on the skin. It will not leave greasy tightening after-effects on the skin. The spritz has a herbal scent to it that makes it even more refreshing.

While most of the ingredients in this toner are natural, it also contains some safe synthetic ingredients. This is why this toner is not one of the best Lush products for acne scars. The bottle of this product is environment-friendly and made from recyclable plastic.


4. Lush Full of Grace Glow-Boosting Solid Serum

Full of Grace

This packaging-free serum deeply moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin and restores it to a hydrating glow. The portobello mushrooms in the serum protect and condition the skin while the rose oil soothes it. It also has murumuru butter that hydrates the skin with the moisture that it needs.

This particular serum contains many tropical ingredients, including chamomile and mushroom extract that works as an antioxidant. The serum absorbs readily on the skin and is very light in weight. The skin doesn’t feel clogged after using this serum.

It is useful if you want to restore the elasticity and moisture in your skin. This product works very well on sensitive skin too.


5. Lush Mask of Magnaminty Self-Preserving Face and Body Mask

Mask of Magnaminty - Self-preserving

This product is the self-preserving version of the Mask of Magnaminty. Experts have rebalanced this for an even better and safe experience. Also, it has no synthetic preservatives now.

The ingredients in this mask include kaolin clay, which makes the skin tighter, brighter, and smooth, peppermint oil that gives the skin a refreshing feeling. It also comes with adzuki beans and primrose seeds that work as great exfoliators. It also contains honey, and that is why it has a thicker texture.

It moisturizes more than ever and works wonders on dry skin. It has a sweet herbal scent to it. The mint in the ingredients gives a tingling sensation on the skin. The kaolin can leave the skin feeling tighter, so use a moisturizer once you have washed off the face mask. The customer reviews say that this is among the best Lush products for acne scars.


6. Lush Grease Lightning Tea Tree and Aloe Gel

Grease Lightning

This herbal gel consists of tea tree extracts, aloe gel, witch hazel, rosemary, and grape. It controls oil production and mattifies any greasy areas on the skin.

Witch hazel works as a gentle astringent to absorb excess oil from the skin. The lavender oil balances combination skin and grape restore moisture into the skin. The gel quickly absorbs into the skin and is light in weight.

The aloe vera soothes irritated skin. It also helps in managing acne or problematic skin by balancing oil production on the skin.

It is a vegan product, and even the packaging is environmental-friendly.


7. Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Cosmetic Warrior

This product is suited for those who have problematic skin. This face mask contains gentle ingredients that cleanse and balance the skin naturally. The herbal scent of this cream creates a soothing feel. It has tea tree oil that helps balance the skin, garlic works as a cleanser, and the honey calms the irritation and makes the skin appear smoother and tighter.

Unlike cleansers with harsh ingredients, this one works gently with herbal ones and is therefore suitable for acne-prone skin.


8. Lush Coal Face Facial Cleanser


This is a mattifying charcoal cleansing bar. It has a subtle licorice scent to it, and it exfoliates and gently and eliminates excess oil from the face. It is a bestseller from Lush cosmetics.

This product works on combination skin and oily skin. It can make dry skin feel even dry. It has charcoal in it, which cleanses thoroughly, and the rosewood and sandalwood oils freshen the skin and reduce redness on it.

A licorice decoction gives this cleansing soap a mild anise fragrance. It also has coconut oil and cocoa butter for maximum moisturization.

It can feel harsh against the skin if you rub it directly on the face. It is advised to rub the bar of soap between your hands, lather up the foam and then put it. Other than that little flaw, this is the best lush cleanser for acne.


9. Lush Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

Dark Angels

This face-and-body cleanser is for people with sensitive skin who deal with excessive oil too. It features rhassoul-mud and charcoal powder for the cleansing. It also has exfoliating sugar and avocado in it.

The rhassoul mud absorbs any extra oil from the face while the black sugar scrubs gently.

The skin becomes oil-free and appears fresh and matte. The ingredients in this cleanser reduce redness and help in preventing breakouts. The avocado oil provides the skin with moisture.

Overall, it will smoothen and brighten dull and greasy skin.


10. Lush Herbalism Face and Body Cleanser


The Herbalism cleanser by Lush comes with exciting ingredients like ground almonds, chamomile, and rose, rice bran, and kaolin. All these ingredients work together to exfoliate the skin gently and make it even-toned.

Kaolin and rice bran absorb the excess oil on the skin to make it matte. Rosemary, nettle, and chamomile cleanse and clears up the skin. This product also contains chlorophyllin, which is an extract from the alfalfa plant. This ingredient works to balance the skin and nourish it with vitamins and minerals.

You can use this cleanser on the face every day and can substitute it for soap.


Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Lush Products For Acne Scars

1. Dermatologist-Approved

Before buying any product for acne-prone skin, refer to your dermatologist to confirm if you can use any products on your skin. A skin specialist will help you understand your skin and its needs and any possible care and precautions.

Although Lush products are made with gentle, natural ingredients, they can still cause issues on certain skin types. It is always safer to go to a dermatologist and ask them if these products are safe to use.

2. Ingredients

The next thing to consider before buying lush products for acne scars is the ingredients of the products. This is important for two main reasons.

The first one is that going through the ingredient list will give you a heads up to see whether the product contains any specific ingredient that you may be allergic to. Second, you get to avoid toxic or harmful components.

Cosmetic products often come with harmful ingredients like alcohol, etc., that can cause the skin to react. Most Lush products do not contain synthetic ingredients and are safe to use on sensitive skin.

3. Skin Type

Consider your skin type before investing in the product. Cross-check to see if the product that you pick is suitable for your skin type. Using unsuitable products on certain skin types can cause problems for your skin.

Even the best lush product for acne scars will not save your skin if it is not compatible with your skin type. To protect your skin from unwelcome problems and save your money, do a quick examination of the product to see if it is compatible with your skin.

The Conclusion

Lush products are effective when it comes to looking after acne scars. The products mentioned above are good on their own but work very well when used together too. Using Lush products for your acne scars will help you see the difference on your own.

The brand is committed to formulating products for the most sensitive skin type, and you can rely on it if you are looking for skincare that doesn’t interfere negatively with your skin. Also, follow the mentioned tips to get yourself the best lush products for acne scars.

FAQs on Lush Products for Acne Scars

Q1. Are Lush Products Good For Acne?

According to the brand and customers, Lush products are suitable for acne, acne-prone skin, and acne scars. The products contain natural ingredients that work gently on the skin. They also help prevent the after-effects of acne-like redness on the skin, marks, dullness, and excessive oil production.

Q2. Are Lush Products Healthy?

While Lush products are not entirely organic, they are better than most cosmetic brands that use chemical ingredients to treat acne scars.

Lush products are made with natural ingredients and are safe to use. However, some of their products contain harmful synthetics like parabens and fragrances, and color.

Q3. Is Lush Expensive?

Lush products are indeed in the higher price range, but the brand gives you a good value for money. Moreover, it is undoubtedly affordable than many other skincare brands on the market.

Q4. Does Lush Use Parabens?

Yes, Lush uses parabens in some of its products. They claim that they are working effectively to find a way to eliminate parabens in their products altogether. They currently use half the amount of parabens allowed by the EU in cosmetics.

They say that they prefer using natural preservatives in their products but are forced to use some synthetic ones in certain products sometimes.

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