what causes acne?

we all have pores covering every inch of our body, so why don’t we all have acne? and why does it seem to flare up during times of high stress, hormonal changes, or when we’re eating poorly? it’s because acne isn’t an external problem, it’s an internal one.

stress, and
all contribute to the weakening of our body’s immune system, and acne is the result.

the truth and misconceptions

clogged pores aren’t the cause of acne, they’re a symptom. lotions which only focus on clearing these pores may temporarily improve your skin, but the acne will always come back. most of these products aren’t even good for your skin, and many can be downright harmful.

another common belief is that chocolate is bad for your skin, but this too is a myth. in reality, sugar is what’s bad for your skin, but dark chocolate is actually good for it and for you.

one hundred years’ of research has gone into identifying the real causes of acne and the evidence is irrefutable: acne starts inside your body. the culprits: hormones, stress, and diet. of course, if you suffer from acne then you’ve probably already noticed their effects on your skin.

the solution

the trick to clearing up acne: stop it at its source. fight the effects of stress, hormones, and diet on your body, and your acne will clear up.

research has shown many vitamins and minerals that are effective in boosting your immune system and keeping your skin clear. by taking the right amount of each of these, clear skin is attainable with

no side effects
no time consuming regimens
frutels has combined its vitamin formula inside a dark chocolate – which not only makes the vitamins easily accessible to your body, but provides you with the additional power of dark chocolate’s great anti-oxidants.